Characteristics and added value

PAI smart e digitale

Smart and digitalized Health Care Plan

  • Guided creation and update

  • Real-time sharing with team members

  • Automatic archiving

  • Attachment management

The Health Care Plan becomes digital and takes full advantage of the new potential of artificial intelligence. Operators can draft or update the Health Care Plan using preset formats and with the support of automatic alerts. Previous Health Care Plans are automatically archived and easily accessible. The data entry method is greatly speeded up thanks to the use of an electronic medical record for the guest that can be integrated with IoT devices and the ability to attach other files (eg scans of other reports) to the Health Care Plan.

Nursing diary

  • Shared digital diaries for nurses and OSS, organized thanks to our smart tag system

  • Immediate and certified sharing of diaries with the staff on duty

  • Predefined and customizable lists of activities and drugs

Nowadays, the nursing diaries are still mainly written in paper format, with all the problems required for editing, sharing and archiving. With RED nursing staff and health workers (OSS) can easily and quickly enter the data relating to each guest during their shift, using a simple tablet or computer. Through a proprietary system for tracking activities and standard lists (smart tags), operators can select the activities (nursing and assistance) carried out and the drug therapy administered.

Cartella clinica elettronica

Electronic Health Record

  • Personal and health data always available and updatable

  • Integrated scales and multidimensional assessment tools

  • Complete lists of ICD diagnoses

  • Integrated tools for admission, suspension and discharge

Thanks to RED, the medical record becomes a dynamic tool, which facilitates the compilation and avoids wasting time for operators and administrators. The multidimensional evaluation questionnaires are customizable from the structure and allow to efficiently compile and evaluate the chosen scales (ADL, IADL, etc.). Data entry is also facilitated by the use of the ICD standard lists for diagnoses. RED also offers a proprietary system of predictive analysis and notification of possible risks of deterioration of the guest’s health.

Personnel and shift management

  • Shifts planning for nursing and assistance staff

  • Digital time-tracking function for nurses and OSS

  • More careful monitoring and management of individual workloads

  • Better coordination and communication within the teams

Gestione personale e turni

With RED, personnel managers benefit from a series of substantial advantages. Shift planning and workload monitoring evolve into dynamic, transparent and easily updated processes in real time. Operators have access to individual digital time stamps to sign the start and end of shifts. Staff can also be aggregated into teams, with the ability to communicate through instant messages within the application.

Calcolo rette e proiezione entrate

Calculation of fees and revenue projection

  • Assignment of standard or customized fees to each guest

  • Calculation of monthly fees

  • Payments monitoring

  • Projection of annual income based on guests and current fees

Adequate management of guests requires continuous planning and monitoring of the rates applied. RED allows you to associate a standard or personalized fee to guests, calculating the required payments and making forecasts on expected revenues.

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